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God's House of Prayer for All Nations

What members and others are saying...

karl simmsSun, Oct 9, 2022
sumaira sanamSun, Aug 28, 2022
Prayer tower church is a wonderful place to worship the anointing is rich you can feel the presence of the Lord moving throughout each service praise and worship team starts with great songs ministering to your soul then pastor Jerome McLennan gives the word of the day .it's just awesome.Richardo RussellWed, May 1, 2019
Prayer Tower church is the place to worship,it's a place where perpetual praise takes place,come on down and visit,u would be glad u didFionna BonnerThu, Apr 25, 2019
PTC is a place of love, fellowship and true Godly, Holy Spirit filled leadership. It is a great place for families, believers and unbelievers alike to have a spiritual, life alterating experience and to grow in your faith journey. Pastor McLennon and his wife, Lady McLennon truly are invested in loving God and His people through their time, talent and treasures. I have never met two people who give wholeheartedly even if they get nothing back!Natalie ShropshireThu, Apr 25, 2019
Prayer Tower Church is a great place to go where you can fellowship, learn and be blessed! The Pastor and First Lady are like no other, they truly make you feel like you are apart of the family. I thank God for all I come in contact with at PTC!!Sheree MorganThu, Apr 25, 2019
Prayer Tower church is wonderful place to worship, the anointing is high and you can feel the love from the members. Proud to be apart of this ministry.Marjorie McLennonThu, Apr 25, 2019
The head of Prayer Tower Church are the most loving and transparent people you can be around. When you’re there, you always feel at home. If you are seeking to grow personally and spiritually, this is the place to be! Everyone’s always happy to see a new face AND to fellowship with you😁Carean MayneWed, Apr 24, 2019
Prayer Tower Bible Way is wonderful and powerful ministry under the leadership of Pastor Jerome and Lovely First Lady Marjorie lover the worship service and I am always bless at by the presence of God in the house. 🙏Venesha WashingtonWed, Apr 24, 2019
Wonderful place to worship!Brian CollinsSun, Jan 27, 2019
Olasumbo AyeniThu, Jul 5, 2018
Come develop an authentic relationship with Jesus. Make Jesus your Saviour and also your Lord. Be filled with the power of the Holy Ghost. Prayer Tower Church is God's house of prayer for all nations. Children friendly environment for all ages with nursery and children Christian activities.Jerome McLennonThu, Sep 8, 2016
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