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21Days of Consecration

Our 21 Days of consecration starts on December 1 – 21, 2020

Fasting and praying for 21 days of seeking God’s face and voice as we consecrate ourselves while looking towards the work of God for guidance and protection in the year to come.

Fasting Guidelines:
Daily Fasting from 6 am. – 3 pm. You will eat no food but you can have all the natural liquids(prefer water) and follow dr. Instructions)

The weekly schedule for this period of consecration:
Daily 6 am to 3 pm Fasting/Praying
Mon – Fri 6 am – Online Brief Teaching on “Consecration” before Corporate Prayer, 6 pm – Online Corporate Prayer
Tuesdays 12noon Online Corporate Prayer
Saturdays and Sundays – Fasting and Praying will continue without online meetings and no corporate praying.

Joining The 21 Days of Consecration Prayer Calls:
At the times specified connect using the Zoom app, You can also join by calling (301)715-8592 and use Meeting ID: 91298108847

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